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Our Mission

REALIFIED instantly turns ANY digital content into VR, whether it’s a game, video, 3D model or live stream. No extra steps, no dedicated hardware, no complex software, no processing limitations! Everything happens in Real-Time, using nothing but your Smartphone.


XR Gaming


Play any PC game in VR on your phone

PC Gaming has been offering unmatched quality titles for years, allowing gamers to spend tens, hundreds if not thousands of hours in meticulously crafted universes and stories. XR Gaming takes them to the VR world where they are ultimately supposed to be played, using nothing but a smartphone. With no performance impact on the PC, a latency as low as 9ms, and up to 4k120fps quality, XR Gaming is unmatched today in the VR Gaming industry.

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VR Confident

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Prepare for the moments that matter the most

Whether it’s a pitch, a job interview or a sales presentation, the one factor that always matters is how well you express yourself. VR Confident puts you on the spot, not with 3D models or unreal environments, but in real situations with real people, at an unmatched quality. It not only gives you the perfect safe practice environment, but also specifically tailored courses to control all the variables of a perfect presentation.

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Do It Yourself!

Have a cool project that could greatly benefit, if not run entirely in VR, but you can’t manage the high time, money and expertise costs? REALIFIED is perfect for you! We take away the technical requirements and make you focus on the content. We hand-pick projects that fit our vision of VR, so get in touch and tell us all about why your project can revolutionize the world with VR!