I have a 3D model, how do I turn it into VR?

You need your computer where the 3D model is viewable, a mobile phone with a mobile VR headset, and the REALIFIED app, nothing more! The computer renders the model, the phone creates the VR, it’s a “team” effort and it works instantly and perfectly!

My 3D models aren’t made for VR/Have too many textures and details. Can REALIFIED help?

Definitely! Our moto is: if you can make it, we turn it into VR. If your computer can render it, then it’s instantly available in VR on the REALIFIED app, no matter how detailed or performance-heavy it is!

How long does it take to transform the video into VR?

No time at all. REALIFIED is a Real-Time technology, and everything happens within the player. There is no post-processing needed, the depth reproduction and head movements are created while you play your video through REALIFIED.

How will I get a 360 video out of a regular video?

We at REALIFIED believe that 360 degree videos are the main reason VR is so hard and expensive to create! Even the best VR camera doesn’t come close to any 300$ DSLR’s image quality, and it’s not gonna change any time soon since it’s impossible to fit that many sensors in a VR camera without making it big and bulky, in addition to ridiculously expensive. Most of our every day experiences are lived from a frontal point of view, and that’s exactly what we focus on! Even worse: a 360 video gets users distracted and they might completely miss what you are trying to show them! with REALIFIED, you film exactly what you want your users to see and make it available for them in an easy and convenient way!

Can users interact with the content?

For 3D Models/Games: Definitely! We can help you map every control you need into head movements and bluetooth controllers. As for Videos, REALIFIED allows you to transform them into a VR experience, but it’s still a video. You can add some level interactivity by controlling the playback. We can help you figure out what you need and help you tailor the experience to your liking, and of course, we can always listen to any feature request that could help you get the most out of REALIFIED.

How does it work?

This is probably the question we get asked the most by engineers and developers. REALIFIED is a unique technology that has taken a completely different approach to VR and uses a unique algorithm coupled with heavy optimizations that allow even 8K videos to be played as VR experiences in Real-Time on a Mobile Phone!

Can I create my company based on REALIFIED?

Not only you are allowed to, but we actually encourage you to do that. REALIFIED’s whole purpose is to make VR accessible to everyone. You don’t need to think about R&D anymore, and not even hosting. You can have your dream VR project up and running in a matter of days, and scale it depending on your needs! If you are a fresh startup and are struggling with money, we can make some arrangements on a case by case scenario. We are entrepreneurs, we know how it’s like, just send us an e-mail!