Our Vision

Virtual Reality is becoming the next “Internet” or “Smartphone” technology. It makes anything more real for the users, connecting them instantly with whatever content they are experiencing. Everything is done more reliably and faster when there is an added dimension to it, and Virtual Reality is the next big step in the audio, image and video timeline.

We give the power to the businesses when it comes to VR content creation. We enable them to focus on creating rather than optimizing costs and time.

Our Story

Virtual Reality has fascinated REALIFIED’s creator since the early 90’s while reading Donald Duck comic books. It quickly became an obsession after the first VR technologies came out, but the excitement quickly dropped after seeing the high costs associated to them. We then decided to create an efficient solution allowing anyone to create VR with the major part focusing on the content, not on the costs and time planning! REALIFIED was then born and is making anything you make into VR!